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From Emily P. - on Yelp - 09/11/2015

I am so thrilled to have found Sun.  She's  an amazing stylist who also does great color!!!  She's such a perfectionist so I never have to worry. A sweet and wonderful person.  Just remember to set an appt 2-3 weeks in advance as she books up fast.


From Jeri P. - on Yelp - 07/29/2015

I had been searching for a hair stylist for the last 7 years now since my other moved away and have only found one disappointment after the other. My hair is baby fine and naturally curly.  I have gotten highlights for 20 years and the length of my hair is past my shoulders (med). Since he left I have been going to other stylists hoping to find that special one that knows not only how to make me feel beautiful, but protect my hair as well.  Since my daring search, my hair has been over processed (fried) cut off more than 5 inches at a time when asking for a trim more than I can count, to simply destroying my hair.  It's now so thin from breakage, I look like I'm almost balding a bit.  Going through the ringer and 6 stylists later, I decided to try one more time.  I don't like to give up. :)

I called and made an appointment with Sun after seeing her reviews on Yelp.  I was so nervous but hopeful.  I figured I had nothing left to lose.  She was so professional and considerate.  She called me back the very next day for a consult. She even scheduled me on her day off when she heard my story.  She spent 4 hours fixing my hair and it looks absolutely fantastic.  It looks and feels thicker already and though I have a ways to go to get back the beautiful hair I once had; it feels and looks much closer.  I have gotten so many compliments on my hair. It actually shines again- "I'm tearing up."  I'm not kidding, she is my hair fairy, my guardian hair angel from now on.  No doubt!!  

Even though I just got my hair done, I cant wait to go back.  We had so much fun doing our nails while my hair processed and conditioned.  It felt like we had been friends for the longest time.  My husband says I look like I'm glowing now because I look so happy.  

Its a true gift to have your hair come back to life.  Thank you, Sun.


Caroline K. - on Yelp - 05/30/2015 

Wow. I saw raving reviews for Sun and decided to make an appointment. After a few hair disasters in my past, trying new hairdressers is always scary for me. I loved that she did a consultation before the color, she knew what she was dealing with and I knew what I would get! She listened to exactly what I wanted, and it turned out absolutely amazing. She is the sweetest, I had a great time and I love my hair now. I will definitely be coming back! (This is my first Yelp review, it is only because I love my hair so much that I decided to use my account!)


From Laura Edens - on Yelp - 04/23/2015 

I cannot say enough good things about Sun and how talented she is and she truly loves what she does. She is AMAZING! If I'm writing a review you know she has to be the best. I am super picky and have tried many stylists. I have always lived in the DFW area and driven all over to find "The One!" Sun has a natural eye for determining what cut AND color is right for you. Not every stylist is good at both. I have been going to her for a couple months now and I couldn't be happier. My sister, who lives in NY, found her and goes to see Sun whenever she is in town. And I have VERY challenging hair and she knows just what to do. Highly recommend Sun for whatever hair services you need. She is awesome!!


From Natosha L. - on Yelp - 04/14/2015

Sun is amazing. This review didn't come soon enough...seen her a couple months ago for the first time and my color/cut Still looks great. 
I couldn't be more happier with my experience. For once I understand and can see the difference in my hair. ...thanks to her education and the obvious I see in my ends and texture even still today. I'm amazed my color has not grown out much at all... Very not the "norm" for my every changing growing hair. 
She truly cares about her clients and wants them to walk away feeling really good about themselves. 
Amazing styling tips tailored to my hair type to top it off. 
Worth the wait to get in as her schedule books up quick, but Sun is Very accommodating and made sure I got in and things jived with my schedule...even during that ice storm!;)
The extra time she spent I truly am appreciative of and look forward to coming back for my next appointment. 
Thanks Sun.:)


From L.C. on Yelp - 02/20/2015

I actually visited Sun as a result of looking at Yelp reviews...I mean how do you find a good hair stylist that you'd like to continue to keep going back to without having to go through the whole process each time?
I had overall color processed with highlights and a cut.
She was wonderful...very knowledgeable...very skilled. Made me feel and look beautiful. Attention to detail....searched for hair styles on her Ipad based on what I asked for and really listened. Great job! 
Have been back a 2nd time and even more satisfied. Will continue to go back again and again!


From Jeff C. - on Yelp - 01/28/2015

Sun is great.  Great haircut from knowledgeable stylist at a good price!  I've been using Sun for almost two years now and never had any kind of issue.  She's Great!!


From A B. - on Yelp - 01/23/2015

This review is for the Keratin treatment I had at Beauty by Sun.  I scheduled my treatment with Sun and unfortunately I couldn't get the time I want because she is very busy. So I picked the time I can managed but asked her to call me if she has cancellation and explained to her I really preferred morning appointment. She called me the night before and let me know she has a cancellation in the morning and she is willing to go in one hour earlier at 8am so I can have my treatment done in the morning. She is just this awesome!! 
The treatment took 3 hours but with free wifi and comfortable chair, I was totally fine. Sun worked very hard on my long damage hair!  My bad perm is no where to find when I walked out the door. My hair is nice and smooth!  A girl at my doctor office told me what a great hair I have the same day. I washed my hair this morning and my hair still looks nice without any work! I'm a very happy customer!!!  I'm so happy I found her!


From Brandie Buford - 01/12/2015

I have been going to Sun for over 3 years now, and she is PHENOMENAL! I first came in with very damaged hair, that had a blonde, brown and almost green tint to it. It was terrible! Sun gave me a style that looked amazing with my features, and dyed my hair red which I LOVE! I have been going to her ever since. I still get my hair dyed red (which I get so many compliments on!) and would not consider changing it or going to anyone else other than Sun! She has an amazing ability to cut your hair specifically for your features, and she can show you whether certain hairstyles would look good on you or not! I highly HIGHLY recommend her!


From Meredith W. - on Yelp - 12/29/2014 


This is my first official Yelp review (even though I use this site religiously). What motivated me to finally take the plunge? The absolutely amazing experience I had with Sun. I live in New York City, salon capital of the world. I have, however, always struggled to find an affordable salon that could deal with my incredibly fine and thin hair. My family lives in the area, and as I was coming home for the holidays, I decided to try someone here...which led me to Sun. From the moment I walked into until the moment I left, I couldn't believe how tremendous the experience was. She took the time to hear what I wanted, but also provided her opinion about what would work/wouldn't work. She really knows her stuff. She gave me advice on cut and color that no one had ever taken the time to do. 

What surprised me the most? She taught me how to style my hair. She gave me all sorts of advice and ideas and as she was styling it explained how to to do everything. The color she did was amazing and certainly the best I've ever had. Most importantly, I understand WHY we went with that color because she took the time (wasn't rushing) to explain every detail. The cut is awesome. But most importantly, I feel like I can finally figure out how to make my hair look good, and it's all because she cares enough to make sure her clients walk away beautiful AND educated.

If you visit Sun, I promise you won't be disappointed!


From Camille G. - on Yelp -12/28/2014 


My mom, my brother and my sister love Sun and we've been going to her for almost 5 years now, since we moved to Southlake. 

One thing you can count on is you'll leave looking YOUR best. 
Bring in some pictures of inspiration and she'll customize the perfect color and cut best suited for YOU.
She's an artist with true talent. You'll also have fun hanging out with her on your visit, truly always a great experience with Sun.


From Brenda L. on Yelp - 10/19/2014


Had my first haircut with Sun and she did a fantastic job!  Not only a great haircut but a very kind stylist!

From Hannah W. on Yelp - 05/23/2014


After 20 years of hassling with my curly hair, I have finally found someone who is able to style it properly. Sun has been cutting my hair for almost two years now, and I could not be happier with the results. I finally feel as though I know how to manage my hair and love the way it looks. If you have curly hair and can't seem to find anyone who can style it, see Sun!

From Lesley N. on Yelp - 04/18/2014

I arrived with bad layers/cut. Sun not only told me that my hair was too short for my neckline, but also how to cut it to tame my cowlick. She explained everything she was doing and exactly how my hair was growing that the wrong cut produced unfavorable results. I am excited to have finally found someone I like after 2 sub-par stylists I tried upon moving here. 

Go see Sun! She is an expert at her craft.


From Adina S. on Yelp - 02/28/2014

Sun has been my hair muse for the last three years. It is not an exaggeration to say that she has truly changed my relationship with my hair. When I first met Sun, I was lost when it came to knowing what to do with my hair. I was the ponytail mom. What really makes her stand out as a stylist is that she truly cares that you look beautiful & goes out of her way to make sure you do. That makes her a rare gem in my opinion. In the past, I used to always get blonde highlights that made my already thin hair look thinner and washed out with my skin tone. Sun took time to explain different cuts and colors and explained how they would suit my skin tone, face shape, and make my hair look thicker & healthier. I now have this beautiful "red velvet" (as my daughter says) hair that I actually wear down! No more ponytail mom.


From Amanda M. on Yelp - 02/18/2014

This woman is brilliant with a pair of scissors and so sweet!


From Lauren L. on Yelp - 01/15/2014

My hair was fried when I came to Sun. I had asked another stylist for ombré but instead I got half orange, half brown and an uneven cut. I looked like some sort of clown. I came to Sun as a last chance and she saved my hair! She turned the mess into one of the most beautiful hair cut/color I've ever had. My hair feels so healthy. She is very knowledgeable about hair and hair products. Every product she sells has been tested on her hair and if you are not satisfied with the product you can return it. She saved my hair and also recommended some shampoo to fix the damage. Sun is the best!!!!


From Shevin R. on Yelp - 12/28/2013

Sun is the best hair stylist I have ever had. She takes the time to make sure I am happy with my hair. I always get compliments and love how she knows what will look good on me! I have a short pixie cut, and the cut maintains its shape even as it grows out. Sun is fabulous with color, too!  I highly recommend her!


From Nancy M. on Yelp - 11/20/2013

For the first time in my life I have found someone who knows how to cut my hair! I have very thick hair which most stylists immediately start to thin out, but Sun sees thick hair as an asset.  The way she cuts my hair has totally changed the texture of my hair - now it feels soft and smooth.  The last time I saw her she colored my hair and it turned out great.  Since Sun has been cutting my hair I have received so many compliments and most people say my hair cut and color make me look much younger.  Sun takes the time to give styling tips and recommends which kind of brush I should use.  I have given her the nickname "the hair doctor!"  I highly recommend Sun!


From Amy Buford on Yelp - 9/13/2013

I love Sun!  She has done my hair for 2+ years and I always feel so much better after visiting her!  Now she's doing my daughters' hair and one has long thick hair and the other short fine hair and they are looking so much better after a few visits.  Sun fixed the damage left by bad cuts elsewhere and she takes time to teach them how to style and wear their hair.


From Margaret X. on Yelp - 08/22/2013

I found Sun on Yelp and the good reviews I read were confirmed! I have been to her several times now for cut, color, and highlights and she has always done a great job. My hair is naturally a mousy medium brown color, thick and straight. She manages to make the color blonde and it looks really good and natural. 

She just moved to a different room in the same salon and I think the Tiffany blue is great. I also love all of the natural light she gets now! She is such a sweet person and really knows hair!


From Janie A. on Yelp - 05/17/2013

Sun recently did a Natura treatment and i absolutely love the results.  She is truly an expert when it comes to hair.

From L. A. on Yelp - 03/12/2013

Had another great appointment with Sun recently.  This time, we did highlights which is something I haven't done in years - I was really nervous but was ready for a change and she made them look beautiful and really natural!


From K.L. on Yelp - 01/12/2013

I love Sun!  She has done my hair for 2+ years and I always feel so much better after visiting her!  Now she's doing my daughters' hair and one has long thick hair and the other short fine hair and they are looking so much better after a few visits.  Sun fixed the damage left by bad cuts elsewhere and she takes time to teach them how to style and wear their hair.


From Taylor Henry on Yelp - 10/01/2012

I have continued to have my hair done by Sun, and must say that I am continually impressed! She is fantastic, and I always leave her salon feeling beautiful.


From Karen

-"There are so many stylists to choose from in the Dallas area. I drive an hour each way because Sun does such a great job. She has an amazing talent for cutting!"


From Chloe

-"Sun did a permanent straightening blowout and my hair looked amazing. Its been two months and my hair is still smooth and dries in half the time. Thank you Sun!"


From Shannon

-"I love going to my hair appointment with Sun. Of course my hair looks great but she is always charming and entertaining as she works. As a bonus, she usually offers me a glass of wine. "


From Sarah H. on Yelp - 09/15/2012

-I came to Sun after my hair was fried in a Southlake Town Square Salon, my hair was damaged and brassy.   Sun explained what we needed to do to make my hair healthy and blonde and natural.  I have naturally curly hair that I have highlighted since I was a teenager (20 years !).  I am so happy with my hair color and the condition of my hair...Thank you Sun !

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