Appointment Consultation

Appointment Consultation:


Before you come in for your appointment: 


I will need a little information from you first! Please fill out the form to the right with all of your information, so I can accurately give you enough time and a good price estimate.


Information I will need:

  • Current Hairstyle 

      (Curly, Wavy, Straight, Long, Medium, Short Length)

  • Your Natural Hair Color

  • Last time your Hair was Colored or Highlighted

  • Ethnicity: Each person has unique characteristics, and it greatly helps me to know what type of hair you have. (Example: if you want to go from dark hair to light hair) I will schedule the appropriate time for you depending on your what your hair needs are.

  • What style and color you want at this appointment!




Please send my a picture of your hair front, back, or side and under natural light. Also send me a picture of what style you would like to have in the future (from pinterest, google images, etc.)



Scheduling an Appointment:

You can Select your preferred time and date for your appointment in the form and I will try to schedule it as closely as possible to your preference.

*Please Note: I may not be able to book your appointment for up to 1 week from today! Especially if your hair needs coloring or extensive work. Thank you for understanding!

Before you call, please fill out Questionnaire!



Thank you for your Business!