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Sun Braden

I provide quality hair services for both Men and Women in a relaxing atmosphere. Whether you are wanting a hair cut or to spice up your hair with a little bit of color, I use the best product and technique to give you the best results. I am always learning new styles and techniques to make this possible. One appointment with me and I promise you will love your new look. 

I trained with Eric Fisher, who is in the top 20 hairstylist in the United States. He is a phenomenal stylist that gives comprenhensive training, and I learned to cut, style and color every type of hair. I strive to make every one of my clients feel amazing with their new look. I take the time to style each clients hair in the way that compliments their features the most. I always teach my clients how to style their hair while they are with me, so that way they can look amazing all of the time! I love hearing my clients getting complimented on how much younger, more vivacious, and beautiful they look with their new style; that is my whole goal!

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From Brandie Buford - 01/12/2015

I have been going to Sun for over 3 years now, and she is PHENOMENAL! I first came in with very damaged hair, that had a blonde, brown and almost green tint to it. It was terrible! Sun gave me a style that looked amazing with my features, and dyed my hair red which I LOVE! I have been going to her ever since. I still get my hair dyed red (which I get so many compliments on!) and would not consider changing it or going to anyone else other than Sun! She has an amazing ability to cut your hair specifically for your features, and she can show you whether certain hairstyles would look good on you or not! I highly HIGHLY recommend her!

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